Courses Offered and how to register for Courses

Courses offered by the Institute of History are not published on our website. These can, however, all be found in KSL [Link] which is the main repository for all courses offered by the University of Bern. Students must register for KSL using their login (a public version of KSL is also available).

Course registration starts at the end of the previous semester and is divided into two phases. The exact dates will be communicated via the History Forum (Forum Geschichte) and are also visible in KSL.

Exercises (Übungen) and Seminars can only be attended by bachelor’s level students if they have fulfilled the introductory phase (propaedeutic [Link]) by the end of the respective registration period. Therefore the following deadlines [Link] apply.

Registration for the course "Colloquium and Project Outline Master Thesis" takes place only in consultation with the supervisor of the Master Thesis and not directly in KSL.

Literature list registration is also not available online via KSL, but according to the instructions on the following pages:

Module History Bachelor

Module History Master

Module History PH S1 (Vertiefung Geschichte)