Bachelor’s Degree Programme

The Institute of History offers the following bachelor degree programs:

  • Bachelor Major (120 ECTS)
  • Bachelor Minor (60 ECTS)
  • Bachelor Mono (180 ECTS, Latin Mandatory)
  • Bachelor Minor (30 ECTS)

The bachelor's program is divided into two major eras (Epochenschwerpunkte - ES):

  • History before 1800
  • History after 1800

Important information on study content, study structure and possible combinations, as well as the legal basis for the Bachelor Study Program of the Institute of History can be found in the study program (including annexes) and the webpages of the faculty.

Some of the most important components of the bachelor's program are the introductory courses (Propädeutikum) and the historical studies (Geschichtswissenschaft) Bachelor’s module.

In the History Bachelor Major and Mono Study Programs, students can choose an optional 15 ECTS credits. Any of a student’s marks can be counted within these 15 ECTS, which should all be recorded in KSL as ‘additional attainments’ (freie Leistungen). At least 10 of these 15 ECTS credits must receive a mark (1-6).

Out of the courses offered in history the elective area is open for students wishing to attend exercise courses (Übungen) as well as the historical studies (Geschichtswissenschaft) module (please note the module profile). Individual lectures in history cannot be counted in the elective area. This also applies to students with electives or free achievements from a field other than history.

Please also note the regulations on extension of study periods. Prior achievements at master’s degree level can only be credited in one semester.