Punishment of Plagiarism

Truthfulness and integrity are the central foundations of any scientific activity. Plagiarism and fraud violate these principles. On 28 May 2008 and in an adapted form on 20 September 2023, the Board of Directors of the Institute of History therefore adopted the following regulations on the punishment of plagiarism and fraud, which must be observed in written and oral work.

1. Plagiarism and fraud will be prosecuted

In academia, the unmarked paraphrasing of a text or the adoption of an argumentation without citing a source is understood as plagiarism. Both the complete adoption of a text or individual text passages, e.g. from books or the Internet, as well as the use of foreign ideas, argumentations or facts without citing the source accessed will be punished. This applies both to written papers, to presentations and to any other form of work submitted a spart of a degree program accordance with Appendices 2 and 3 of SP 05.

Fraud is defined as the multiple exploitation of one's own work without a corresponding explicit reference to the lecturer. This means that, in principle, it is not permitted to submit work for the purpose of obtaining a mark that has already been submitted identically or in part identically in other courses. Exceptions, such as the extension of a seminar paper to a BA or MA paper, must be discussed with the lecturers in advance and their scope expressly indicated in the paper.

Plagiarism and fraud result in a grade of 1. In addition, lecturers are obliged to report the persons concerned immediately to the Managing Director of the Institute of History. The Institute Secretariat keeps a list of plagiarism cases. The Executive Director decides whether the case is to be reported to the Dean's Office in accordance with Article 4 paragraph 3 of „Richtlinien der Universitätsleitung betreffend das Vorgehen bei Plagiaten“ of 28 August 2007 and 3 July 2012.

Written work must always be submitted in electronic and paper form. Lecturers can then check works for plagiarism using suitable software.

a) Proseminar and seminar papers must always include the following declaration which states that they are entirely self-authored, they must also contain a declaration on the use of Artificial Intelligence supported programs. Both declarations must be signed by the student and inserted at the beginning or end of the paper. Only then will a paper be considered as submitted. It is at the discretion of the lecturer to require such a declaration for other forms of written assignments:

b) For Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral theses please follow the regulations of the Faculty:

BA studies
Master's degree