Academic Student Counselling

The Institute of History offers professional academic student advice and counselling. Students can take advantage of the consultation appointments on offer without having to register. If you make contact via e-mail, please provide the following information:

  • Level of study (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • Subject combination (Major/Minor(s)/Mono)
  • Main focus (BA: Era focus 1; MA: Special focus)
  • If available, the number of semesters studied, or the year in which you began your studies (for History)

Important information

Office hours of the Director of Studies

The office hours of the Director of Studies also take place digitally via Zoom during the autumn semester. On-site appointments or special appointments via Zoom are possible by arrangement.

Please provide the following information when making an enquiry:

  • Name, first name
  • Study programme
  • Matriculation number
  • Appointment window at which you can be reached by zoom or telephone, if necessary

In-person appointments are only possible by prior arrangement.

Director of Studies