Department of Medieval History

A remote mirror? The image of the Middle Ages in society oscillates between fascination and strangeness. A deeper look across the moat of time, however, reveals the topicality of the epoch between antiquity and modern times: between 500 and 1500, not only were the foundations of the modern world laid in terms of political and intellectual history, but an intensive exchange of culture and knowledge also took place within Europe, but also at its edges and beyond to the ‘distant’ dominions of Asia and Africa. Spatially, therefore, although medieval history focuses on Europe and the areas transculturally intertwined with it, it reflects critically on this alignment.

The curriculum aims to provide an overview of the European Middle Ages, while at the same time addressing current issues and problems in historical research. The courses on trade and economic history or on the formation of cities focus on long-term developments and breaks, while always keeping an eye on the relationship to our present. In auxiliary scientific courses, for example on documents, flags, seals and pictures, the «craft» is taught.




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