The academic mid-level staff of the Institute of History

While the full-time lecturers are part of the directorate ad personam, the private lecturers, associate lecturers, doctoral students, assistants, postdocs and research assistants elect their own representation. They are thus cordially invited to participate in the Mittelbau meetings that take place twice a semester. These meetings serve as a forum and the Mittelbau representatives safeguard the interests of its members in the Directors Meetings. The concerns of the Mittelbau include ensuring excellent research and teaching conditions, fair employment conditions and the targeted promotion of young academics. In addition, the Mittelbau facilitates interdepartmental exchange and networking at the Institute.

Mid-level staff can participate in different ways in committees and at different committee levels (directorate, institute conference, faculty, university). Currently, the mid-level faculty delegates three representatives to the directorate of the institute. All members of the Institute are represented in the Institute Conference. In addition, we provide representatives for commissions (appointments, structural reports, etc.) and working groups. Further information can be found under the following links:

Two meetings per semester (invitation by the chair via the mailing list Mb_lehrstuhl.hist); regular attendance and cancellation in case of absence are desired.

  • Extraordinary meetings as required.
  • The minutes of the meetings are sent out via the mailing list. Older minutes are available on request from the Chair. The minutes of the Executive Board meetings and the Institute Conference can be found on the public server.
  • The chair is filled on a rotating basis between the departments.