Department of Ancient History and the Classical Tradition

Dougga (Tunesien). Exkursion der Abt. Alte Geschichte
Dougga (Tunisia). Excursion of the Ancient History Department

Ancient History is a sub-discipline of the study history at the University of Bern. Its subject is Greek and Roman antiquity and the processes of cultural transfer in the Mediterranean region. The focus of interest is Greek culture from the archaic period (8th century BC) to the beginning of the Roman imperial period (27 BC), as well as the history of the Roman Republic and the Imperium Romanum from its Italic beginnings (6th century BC) to Late Antiquity (6th century AD). Specific themesin the research and teaching of Ancient History in Bern are the Classical Tradition, reception studies, and the history of scholarship.

Proseminars, seminars, exercises, reading and source courses as well as lectures on various topics of Greco-Roman antiquity introduce students to the history of antiquity, teach specific ancient historical working techniques and reflect the main research topics of the department.

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  • History of Sparta
  • History of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, especially the transition from the Republic to the Principate
  • History of early Christianity
  • History of Late Antiquity
  • History of ancient slavery
  • Gender studies in Antiquity
  • Ancient historiography and biography
  • Classical reception studies and the history of scholarship of the 19th and 20th centuries (esp. Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland)
  • History of ancient Cyprus
  • Monarchical rule in Antiquity