In order to guarantee that the propaedeutic (introductory courses) can be completed on time, the following deadlines must be observed for the submission of propaedeutic seminar paper(s):

FS 2023
First registration phase: 1. December 2022
Second registration phase: 21 December 2022

HS 2023
First registration phase: : 2 June 2023
Second registration phase: 20 July 2023

FS 2024
First registration phase: 31 May 2024
Second registration phase: 18 July 2024

Dates which deviate from the above can be arranged with lecturers and assistants. However, they are not obliged to grant such appointments and are themselves responsible for ensuring that the grade(s) are entered on time.

The following deadlines apply for the submission of the last written thesis (Bachelor thesis for major and mono students; seminar paper for Bachelor 60 ECTS and Master 30 ECTS; proseminar paper for Bachelor 30 ECTS) in respect of the awarding of degrees:

  • Degree awarded at the end FS 2022
    17 June 2022
  • Degree awarded at the end HS 2022 
    15 December 2022
  • Degree awarded at the end FS 2023
    16 June 2023
  • Degree awarded at the end  HS 2023
    14 December 2023
  • Degree awarded at the end FS 2024
    14 June 2024

Alternative dates only apply with regard to early Master's credits and when students exmatriculate after the Bachelor's degree at the end of the semester, without the intention of continuing their studies in the same or another subject in the immediately following semester. In the latter scenario, the same dates apply as in the case of early Master's achievements.

For Master's theses, the dates of the Faculty apply