Jakob Starlander


Abteilung für Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Umweltgeschichte

D 113, Unitobler, Muemattstrasse 45
Universität Bern
Historisches Institut
Länggassstrasse 49
3012 Bern
2023–2025 Postdoctoral Researcher at the Historisches Institut der Universität Bern.
2023 Doctorate in Agrarian History at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Title: Tar and Timber: Governing forest commons in seventeenth century Northern Finland.
2018–2023 PhD student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Institution of Urban and Rural Development, Division of Agrarian History.
2015–2017 Early Modern Studies program – Master’s degree in history focusing on early modern times in Northern Europe. Completed with a master thesis. Uppsala University.
2016 Internship, the Vasa museum – I was part of a research project whose purpose was to study, document and reconstruct the interior of the main cabin of the Vasa ship. The objects studied were everything from panels and sculptures to ornaments and furniture.
2012–2015 The Historian Program – Philosophy Bachelor's Degree with history as main field. Uppsala University.
  • ​​​Forest History
  • Agrarian History
  • Economic History
  • Environmental History
  • Interdisciplinarity between historical and climate sciences
  • Commons Research
  • Disaster History

Volcanic Eruptions, Climate and Society in History
Environmental Hazards and Impact on the Management of Commons During the Early Modern Period


Recipient of the 2021 Heckscher Price for the article: ‘Conflict and negotiation: Management of forest commons in seventeenth-century Northern Finland’, Scandinavian Economic History Review.