Internationale Tagung, Universität Bern

Mapping the Territory: Exploring People and Nature, 1700-1830

Historisches Institut der Universität Bern, SNF-Forschungsprojekt "Kulturen der Naturforschung"
Organisation: Simona Boscani Leoni / Sarah Baumgartner / Meike Knittel

Hallerstrasse 6, Bern
21.09.2017 - 23.09.2017

This conference aims to analyse the exploration and "invention" of territories in a comparative perspective. Following the findings of historians emphasising the social and cultural practices around early modern natural history the focus will be on collecting and exchanging, measuring and classifying information on territories of different scope. Thus, we are interested in discussing how various interests and means enabled the production of new forms of knowledge.

Interessierte sollten sich bis 11.09.2017 anmelden per Mail an: meike.knittel[at]

More Information (PDF, 480KB) Programmflyer (PDF, 4.1 MB) Call for Papers, Mapping the Territory, Bern und Göttingen 2017 (PDF, 264KB)


Research Project: Kulturen der Naturforschung


Wissensgeschichte(n) der pflanzlichen Ressourcen in der longue durée

9.-10. September 2016

Historisches Institut der Universität Bern
Organisation: Simona Boscani Leoni / Martin Stuber
Veranstaltungsort: Raum F 011, Unitobler, Lerchenweg 36, 3000 Bern