M.Sc. Richard Warren

PhD Student

Department of Economic, Social and Environmental History

D 112, Unitobler, Muesmattstrasse 45
Postal Address
University of Bern
Historisches Institut
Länggassstrasse 49
CH-3012 Bern
2022 Research Assistant, University of Bern
2017 PGCE, Secondary Science, University of Cambridge
2014 MPhys, Master of Physics, University of Southampton
2009 A Levels, The Thomas Hardye School
2007 GCSEs, The Thomas Hardye School

​My research focuses on interactions between volcanoes, climate and human society. It examines the impact of historical volcanic eruptions in different regions, and how other factors interacted to exacerbate/mitigate these impacts. Doing this requires combining data and methods from history, climatology, sociology and economics. My current study areas are all in India, but I am aiming to expand this to look at Great Britain and other British colonies in South Africa, Australia and North America.


  • My research examines the links between volcanic eruptions, global and regional climate impacts and resulting changes for society. My particular focus is the impacts of the 1831 and 1835 eruptions in India, where they may be linked to severe droughts, floods and famines in the 1830s.

    → Research project 'Volcanic Eruptions, Climate and Society in History'