Dr. Eleonora Angella


Ordinariat Neueste Geschichte

Universität Bern
Historisches Institut
Länggassstrasse 49
3012 Bern
2021 Swiss Government Post-Doc Excellence Scholarship (FCS), Bern, Switzerland
2019 PhD in International Studies, University of Naples “L’Orientale”, Italy
2014 M.A. in History and Civilisation, University of Pisa, Italy
2012 Exchange Student, University of Paris-Est Creteil, France
2010 B.A. in History, University of Pisa, Italy
  • ​​​Consular studies
  • Migration Studies
  • Mediterranean Studies
  • Imperial History
  • Legal History
  • Gender History

My current research project, Italian elites in late 19th century Cairo: a new approach, focuses on the Italian elites in Cairo between the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. This project has three main objectives. First, that of tracing a profile of the economic interests, political position, social stratification, and cultural orientations of the Italian elites in Cairo. Secondly, it aims to analyse their attitude towards the consulate and the local population. Finally, it intends to reconstruct the interconnections that linked the elites to their homeland and to the wider Mediterranean context. The project builds upon my earlier work on consular history and Italians in Egypt by situating the history of Italian élites in Cairo within a broader, global dimension.


  • «Un caos in cui non pescano che i peggiori?» Giurisdizioni consolari, italiani, e consoli in Cairo (1861-1911). Palermo: New Digital Frontiers (forthcoming).

Book Chapters

  • «Italiens au Caire à la fin du XIXe siècle: quelques notes sur les subalternes et la justice.» In Italian subalterns in Egypt between emigration and colonialism (1861-1937). Edited by C. Paonessa, 53-78. Leuven: PUL, Presse Universitaire de Louvain, 2021.
  • «Les maisons consulaires et diplomatiques italiennes au Caire à la fin du XIXe siècle.» In La maison consulaire Espaces, fonctions et usagers, XVIe-XXIe siècle. Edited by M. Grenet, 191-220. Aix-en-Marseille: PUP, Presses Universitaire de Provence, 2021.
  • «Quelques considérations sur la charité italienne au Caire: le cas de la Società italiana di beneficenza et des Reduci delle patrie battaglie.» In Diasporas, Charity and the Construction of Belonging: A Connected History of Practices of «Goodwill» in Egypt during the Imperial Age (19th–20th centuries). Online Workshop, 17-18 Nov 2020.
  • «La maison consulaire italienne du Caire en Egypte (1861-1911).» In La maison consulaire. Espaces, fonctions et usagers (Moyen âge - époque contemporaine). Journées d’étude, Albi, France, 10-11 May 2019.
  • «Minoranza o élite? Gli italiani nell'Egitto moderno: il caso del Cairo (1861-1911).» In La place des minorités. Atelier doctoral, Rome, École Française de Rome, Italy, 11-15 June 2018.
  • «Italiani al Cairo: le fonti del Tribunale Consolare (1861-1911).» In Storie in Corso XIII. Workshop nazionale dottorandi SISSCO, Milan, Italy 24-26 May 2018.
  • «Entre rivalités nationales et coopérations imperiales: italiens, européens et population autochtone en Égypte au Caire (1882-1914).» In Beetween National Rivalry and Inter-Imperial Cooperation: European Encounters in the World, 1870-1919, International Workshop, Institute for European Global Studies, Basel, Switzerland, 6-7 Oct 2017.
  • «The Making of a Feminist Paradigm: an Italian Woman in Egypt at the Outset of the 20th Century.» In European Migrant Diasporas and Cultural Identities, 26th AEMI Conference, Consello de Cultura Galega, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 28 Sept-1 Oct 2016.